Money, Money and Mo Money!!!

It’s Monday so we’ll start the week with an update on winners!

001Clinton Conrad and Christy Foslir of Massillon  are happy campers.  Clint won $1 million on the instant game, $5 Million Cash Blowout.

Richard Kotz of  Huron won $1 million on the July 22, 2014 Mega Millions game.

Mary Ann Thompson of Conneaut won $122 million in the July 9, 2014 Powerball game. Thompson was Ohio’s third Powerball winner since Ohio joined the game April 16, 2010.

Richard Ashbrook of Clinton won $5,500 on Triple Black 777.

Tammy Collins of Massillon won $5,110 on Rock N’ 777’s.

Corey Hartley of Akron won $5,500 on Cashword.

Ashley Young of Cincinnati won $10,00 on Tens of Thousands

William Murray of Akron won $6,014 on KENO.

Kimberly Jones of Barberton won $10,000 on Mega Fortune.

Laura Bowers of Akron won $10,000 on Bring on the Bens.

John Emmert of Navarre won $10,000 on 50 X The Money.

Andrew Plowman of Sheffield Lake won $20,000 on 100 X The Money.

Congratulations winners!





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