Starting the week Winning!

It may be Tuesday, but the week got off to a good start for some lucky players  after winning Ohio Lottery games.Mary Riedel $100,000 Instant Winner 009

Mary Riedel of Brunswick won $100,000 on Hot $100,000.  Four months ago she won $50,000 on  the 40th Anniversary Millions  instant and gave the money to her daughter to buy a house.  Now, we know there is something to reaping and sowing and Mary agrees. She said she is very blessed!

Two friends who party and play together can now say that they have won together. Bradley Bryan of Trinity, Florida and Jeffrey Dowiatt of Ashland will split $176,500.  They had one of the two winning tickets in the August 13,2014 $353,000 Rolling Cash 5 game.P1000219

IMG_20140815_103224_611Andrew Coleman of Doylestown won $10,000 on Wild Pixies.

Elton Reese of Akron won $1,000 on $10,000 Grant.

Jimmy Biddings of Akron won $5,200 on the Pick 4.

Robert Austin of Westlake won $10,000 on Monopoly Jackpot.

David Young of Albany, Ohio won $10,000 on $5,000,000 Cash Blowout.

Bradley McClellan of Mansfield won $10,000 on Lucky 7’s Playbook.

Muhammad Traisl of Akron won $15,000 on Fun 5’s.

Mickale Wiggins of Warrensville Heights won $25,000 on the Pick 5.

Jason Jackson of South Euclid won $50,000 on the Pick 5.

Byron Gibson of Beach City won $5,500 on EZPLAY Black Cherry Bingo.


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