Winning makes the heart soar!

If you’re in Cleveland this weekend you’ll notice a roar in the skies as the U.S. Navy Blue Angels soar through the skies for the Cleveland National Air Show. Many of our lottery players are soaring too this weekend after filing big winning claims!

Robert and  Kathy Bunnell of Oberlin won $1 million on the Ohio Lottery’s 40th Anniversary Millions. They chose the cash option and receive $355,000 after taxes. Kathy, already retired, said the win will make retirement sweeter. Robert retires in eight months.

Mousa Mansour of Akron won $50,000 on the Pick 5.

Thomas Hennard of Cincinnati won $30,000 on Lucky Lines.

Gregory Fields of Seven Mile, Ohio won $20,000 on Ohio Millions.

Walter Hubbard of Hamilton won $20,000 on Ohio Millions.

Ilonna Buchanan of Marietta won $20,000 on 50 X The Money.

Steven Porpora of Akron won $6,377 on the EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.

Michael Cousino of Mason won $30,000 on Liberty Bells.

Congratulations Winners!

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