My IGA Express is 9-22-2014 Retailer-of-the-Week

My Iga Express 4There is plenty of lottery enthusiasm at My IGA Express and lottery players of Hamilton  know it. Douglas Daniels owns the business at 18 Millville Oxford Road and he makes sure that his employees generate excitement and are knowledgeable about lottery games-big winning smiles accompany lottery explanations.  Increasing the level of enthusiasm, the convenience store has a dedicated area for playing and paying, winning tickets and jackpot signs hang throughout the store, and a KENO sign is on display. And if this doesn’t heighten lottery enthusiasm, maybe the Lottery signage wrapping around the windows will. This visual lets customers know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Lottery is played at this location.

Has winning influenced the community? Daniels says that his regular customers come into the store at least once a day and they are now requesting lucky cashiers in hopes of landing a lucky lottery ticket.  My IGA Express carries 47 instant games and has a weekly sales average of $8,909. Lottery players in the Hamilton area looking for lottery enthusiasm should visit My IGA Express.

Congratulations My IGA Express!

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