Winning Treats Wrap up the Week!

No tricks , but a lot of winning treats as Lottery players wrap up a week of winning.

Debra Richardson of Columbus won $10,000 on $100,000,000 Mega Fortune.








Anita Sterns, daughter of Alvin Morris, both of Sandusky, will split $10 million. Anita and her dad usually spend the day together and play lottery together. She bought the 40th Anniversary Millions  instant. They chose the cash option and will split $3,555,000 after  taxes.

Gladys Carpenter of Sandusky won $5,500 on Special Edition Cashword.

Nicole Battistelli Majjasie of Amherst won $10,000 on Honey Money.

Mayra Rodriguez Hernandez  of Massillon won $10,000 on $500,000 Cashword.

Muhammad Traish  of Akron won $10,000 on the Pick 4.

Shannon turner of Dayton won $10,000 on $500,000 Cashword.

Joshua Rivera of Sheffield Village won $10,000 on Powerball.

Linda Lutz of Bucyrus won $10,000 on Double Doubler.




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