Previous New Year’s Raffle Winner Hopes for Second Win

Raffle On Sale NowHave you bought your New Year’s Raffle ticket yet? Regina Jackson bought two, and she’s hoping the numbers go her way for a second time.

Regina won one of the four $1,000,000 prizes in the New Year’s Raffle back in 2012, but she didn’t keep all of the winnings to herself. She decided she was going to give back.

13-1-2NYR_Regina JacksonRegina was laid off for several months a few years ago, and she relied on Reach Out Lakota, an organization that helps people in need in Butler County with necessities from clothing to food and toiletries. Regina remembered that there was one item that always seemed in short supply. Toilet paper. She recalled rationing the two rolls she got each month for her and her mother. When she won, she knew exactly how she was going to give back.

“I wanted to give back since they helped me so much. I gave them $5,000 to go toward buying toilet paper,” Regina said. When Charmin heard her story the company donated 5,000 rolls of toilet paper to Reach Out Lakota, enough for an entire year.

Regina says she’d donate again if she could.  “Reach Out Lakota was wonderful, absolutely wonderful because the woman that runs it is a wonderful woman and she was fantastic with the people. You didn’t feel like you were a lowly person, she just made you feel like this is something that happens and we’ll move on from there,” Regina said.

As for the $1,000,000 prize, Regina says it changed her life. She says she was able to help some family members, pay off debts and make some investments.

“I had to leave work earlier than I planned due to a car accident, and I couldn’t have done that if not for the extra money from my win,” Regina said.

Regina is wrapping up 2014 and hoping for another win in 2015. She bought two New Year’s Raffle tickets in hopes her number rises to the top.

A limited 500,000 New Year’s Raffle tickets are available at all Ohio Lottery retailers through noon on January 5, 2015. Tickets are $20 each with the chance to win one of four $1,000,000 prizes. The drawing will take place shortly after sales close on January 5, 2015.



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