They start the year happy!

The following Ohio Lottery winners  start the year on a good note after winning Ohio Lottery games.

Zanesville’s James Patrick Wright and wife Lisa, are excited about their $1 million New Year’s Raffle win.  Last year there was no raffle, the Wright’s were so happy for the return of the game that they bought  three tickets and one netted them $1 million.  Married twenty-eight years, with two daughters and a grandchild, the Wrights will buy a new car, fix the roof on their dad’s home, and save for retirement.  Mother Tuckers in Zanesville receives a $5,000 sales bonus for selling one of the four-$1 million top prizes in the drawing.


Corey Duston of Newark won $10,000 on the 2014 New Year’s Raffle.


David Reddy of Elyria won $10,000 on the 2014 New Year’s Raffle.

Ray Nestor of Mogadore won $10,000 on  50 X the Money.

Toi Auyeung  of Butler won $10,000 on 50 X the Money.

Ranae Murtland of Canton won $5,500 on Easy Money.

Souad McCune of Akron won $5,500 on Lucky Playbook.



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