Beware of Scams

There is one very simple thing you should know about winning the lottery. The Ohio Lottery will never call you or send you a letter or email to say that you have won something then ask you to send money or give private information to claim the prize. That said, there are scam artists out there that will do those very things.

Just this week a customer stopped in one of our regional offices with an email he received. This one had a new take on it. The letter cited news stories about lottery prizes that have gone unclaimed, then went on to say that the recipient’s email had been chosen in a random lottery to share in the unclaimed prizes in Ohio. All he had to do was pay $200 and give some personal information. Aside from the address of the Ohio Lottery offices, all of the other information is false. Even the claim that the unclaimed prizes would be distributed is false. In Ohio, unclaimed prizes are considered lottery profit which helps support education in the state.

Unfortunately these kind of scams are common. Sometimes they come in the form of a phone call, sometimes in the mail and sometimes in email.  Always remember one thing. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you receive a phone call or email from someone telling you that you’ve won a prize, be careful. Be wary of any caller that asks you to provide personal information like bank accounts or social security numbers. Never send money to someone in exchange for a cash prize. The Ohio Lottery will never ask you to pay in order to claim a prize.

You can always check with us if you get a phone call or email claiming that you have won. You can reach our customer service hotline at 800-686-4208.

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