New Winners Every Day

If there’s one thing that’s fun about working in an Ohio Lottery office, it’s seeing the people who pop in to make a winning claim! Here are a few more that came through our doors.

Mousa Mansour of Akron picked a winning combination on Pick 5, and he won $25,000… TWICE! He played 0-0-5-3-1 straight in the Sunday, April 26th midday drawing on two tickets bringing his winning total to $50,000. Congratulations Mousa!

Douglas GrafDoug Graf of Nelsonville walked away with $10,000 on Ohio Millions. Doug says the win hasn’t quite sunk in yet, so he’s still thinking about what he’ll do with his winnings. We hope he has fun figuring it out! Doug bought his winning ticket at Dogwood Two in Rockbridge.

And more proof that winners are everywhere, Cynthia Vail of HamiltonCynthia Vail won $5,500 and a Top Prize Drawing entry on Special Edition Cashword! The game has a $100,000 top prize, so Cynthia could be looking at another big win if she comes out on top in the Top Prize Drawing.


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