Your Picture Here!

Canton Winner Wall

Staff at our regional office in Canton are ready to snap your photo!

Installing photo background

Staffers put up the new photo backdrop in the Columbus office.

What’s the first thing you do when you win a lottery prize? Smile, of course! Now we’re giving you somewhere to pose with that winning smile and take a spot on our new winner walls. There’s a spot waiting just for you!

We thought all of our winners photos should have the same look, so we’ve got a new photo background that will make you feel like a celebrity posing on the red carpet! The background featuring the Ohio Lottery and MyLotto Rewards logos is now in each of our regional offices. Many of our recent winners have already had the chance to get their photos there.

Cinci Winner Wall

Our regional staff in Cincinnati is excited to put your photo on the wall!

Once we snap a quick picture of you and your big check, we’ll post your photo on the winner wall alongside other big winners in your area. And to make the winning experience even more fun, we’ll send you home with a souvenir photo if you like.

We love hearing stories about winners, and we hope you’ll share your winning story the next time you make a claim! We want to fill up all of our boards with winning smiles. Don’t be shy, say cheese!

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