Who is Winning and Where?

Kathy BerrySometimes we have so many winners, it’s hard to keep up. Here are a few winners who claimed their big prizes last week.

Kathy from Columbus popped in with a big smile ready to claim her $50,000 on $50,000 Winning Numbers. Kathy picked up her winning ticket at Mobile Mart.

Calvin WrayCalvin from Marion picked up a $20,000 win on Lucky Horseshoe. Clover Merchant Duchess sold him the big winner.

Aining Ruang

Aining Ruang won $50,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions, and she says she will share some of her winnings with her children. She picked up her ticket at Minit Mart in Canal Fulton.

Krista Engard

Krista Engard from Bryan played Special Edition Cashword and won $100,000. She said she was shocked and didn’t believe that she had won, so she asked her boss to double check… then she asked him for a ride to the Toledo office so she could claim her prize!

Cathy Pendleton

Cathy Pendleton is a big believer in paying it forward, and that’s just what she plans to do with her recent lottery win. She won $10,000 on Maximum Fortune! Cathy says she’ll be paying off some bills and sharing some of her winnings with local charities. She picked up her ticket at Gampps BP in South Webster.

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