Winning Big!

Cleveland is all abuzz with talk of the Cavaliers and their first night in the NBA Finals. The hopes are for a big win over the Warriors. Let’s Go Cavs! Andrew HoeterIt’s the kind of hope that many of our players have every time they scratch a ticket or pick their favorite numbers. In the end many get to celebrate a big win!

Andrew from Cincinnati knows what it’s like to score a big win. He played $200,000 Match and walked away with a $10,000 prize!

WIlliam Weaver

William from Willoughby played our EZPLAY game Going Pro, and he hit a jackpot of $37,219! He brought his sister along to join the fun when he claimed his prize. We’re wondering if he told her he wasn’t going to share since she’s giving him bunny ears in the picture!

Donis SingletonAnd Donis from Mainesville won $10,000 playing Millionaire Madness. He says he’s ready for some fun, now! Congrats to all of our winners! We hope to see your picture on our blog next!

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