Wedding Date Has This Couple Winning

Pamela and JasonPlanning a wedding is tough, and one of first things a couple has to check off the list is the date for the big day. Pamela Fletcher and Jason Jones of Cleveland settled on June 4, 2016 to exchange their nuptials, and it seems like that date is a perfect and lucky choice.

All week Jason kept seeing the number 60416. It seemed to be everywhere he turned. “Was it a coincidence or was it something else?” he thought. While in the car with Pamela, he saw the number again. He said to her “I think that we should play our wedding date in the Pick 5 today.” Pamela was skeptical that they would win anything, since she had never really played the lottery before. She almost didn’t play the number! The couple decided to play anyway and sure enough that day their wedding date fell straight in the evening Pick 5 drawing! The couple won $25,000! How awesome is that?!

We wish the two of them all the best with their lottery winnings and upcoming nuptials!

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