On the Road with the Ohio Lottery

As an Ohioan, you know that just about anywhere you go you can find a local gas station, convenient store, or hangout spot to play the Ohio Lottery. With more than 9,000 locations across the state, chances are there is an Ohio Lottery retailer near you. That’s a lot of opportunities to win!

But with so many locations available to players, how does the Lottery keep track of them all? Luckily, our sales representatives are experts at ensuring our retailers get you the newest games and the most up-to-date services we can offer.

Sales representatives are responsible for various regions throughout the state, usually covering no more than 150 retailers for their district. Their job is to visit their set of retailers and make sure they have everything they need to better serve customers. Their main goal is to increase sales at each retailer through a variety of tasks. It might be filling extra pencils and scratchers, or checking up on new equipment and inventory.  Our representatives make sure all the games are ready to play.

W15-Sandra Krakora2e wanted to experience exactly what our sales representatives do on a daily basis and meet some retailers along the way! So, we met up with Sandra Krakora, sales representative for Parma, Cleveland, and Middleburg Heights area retailers. Sandra has worked for the Lottery for over two years and loves being out on the road.

“I really enjoy getting to know so many different people,” she says. “I have really gotten to know these people and want their business to succeed.” Together, Sandra and the business owners she works with provide a safe and fun environment for playing the Lottery.

Sandra has 110 retailer stops along her route.  We stopped at five. One of our stops was Yorktown Service Plaza, located in Parma. This store is a convenient stop, complete with fresh food, gas, a car wash, and of course, Ohio Lottery games. Yorktown Service Plaza is also one of the top five in Sandra’s district. Lottery retailers make 5.5% commission on every Lottery sale.

After Yorktown, we visited Heights Deli Mart, Pounders Bar and Grill, Flyers and Yorktown Lanes. While visiting, we even saw a few winners! Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our retailers for the hard work that you do.

Who is your favorite retailer and why?  Let us know!

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