Winner Wednesday!

Winners! Winners! Read all about them!

Cynthia of Reynoldsburg knew what numbers to choose when she played Pick 4 at the local Marathon gas station. Those lucky numbers brought her two winning tickets equaling $10,800! Nice pick Cynthia!Cynthia Stewart

Christopher Metcalf of Litchfield and Nancy Brammer from Wellington are each $5,500 richer after playing their instant tickets! Christopher played Lotta Bucks and Nancy played Bingo Times 10, and both are lucky winners. So is our next winner, Douglas Beck! Douglas scratched off $10,000 after playing LuckyLoot in Amherst last week.

Our next winner is a frequent visitor from New York. Stibert Henry is a UPS driver who drives through many places on his route. One of his favorite parts of being able to drive through so many different states is being able to play different lottery tickets from each Stibery Henryone! Stibert always makes sure to grab some Ohio Lottery tickets before going on his way. He made the right choice by playing $500,000,000 Spectacular in at the Erie View Plaza on the Ohio Turnpike. Stibert drove home with $50,000! Congratulations Stibert and thanks again for playing in Ohio.

Raymond Massingill of Cleveland has always found special meaning in the date of JanuaryRaymond Massingill (2) 2, 2014 because it’s the day his youngest daughter was born. Now he might consider her his lucky charm. Raymond played 1-0-2-1-4 in the Pick 5, in celebration of his daughter’s birthday, and won $25, 000!

Last but certainly not least is Steven from Wellington. Steven played Special Edition Cashword and to his surprise went home with $100,000! Congratulations Steven and to all of our Lottery players. Always be on the lookout for new games and opportunities to win by visiting our website Good luck!

– Mia Delcalzo and Gia Evans, Communications

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