Winner Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week and time to announce our latest winners. We’ve had some lucky players these past few days, check them out!

Elizabeth Burns from Canton had the best Monday ever! She purchased a Lucky Playbook at Circle K in Navarre and ended up with $10,000. She’s not the only one! Vickie Stevens of Stockport also went home with $10,000 after playing Maximum Fortune. Vickie plans to use her winnings towards a new car and paying off bills. Congratulations ladies!

Elizabeth Burns    Vickie Stevens

Our next winner is Norbert Gast of Sandusky. He won $20,000 playing 50x the Money. On the very same day, John Metzgar played Break the Bank at the Speedway in North Ridgeville and won $25,000! Nice job guys, enjoy your winnings.

John Metzgar

Last but not least is Thomas Fortney from Elyria. He won $50,ooo playing the Betty Boop Holiday ticket! That’s proof that there really can be holiday cheer all year round.

Congratulations to all of our winners and good luck! See you next week for Winner Wednesday!

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