Winner Wednesday

It’s Winner Wednesday and there’s  a whole “lotto” showing and telling  after winners play Lottery games.  The  Columbus area proved to be quite a lucky place with three Top Prize drawing winners from that area.    003

Marcille Price of Kenton won a top prize of $150,000 on Monopoly Jackpot. She plans on paying bills and taking a vacation.

Jeffrey Hite of Lancaster won a top prize of $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword.  He  said the win  came at a great time because he can retire early, instead of waiting until January!

Carolyn Sesser of Newark won $250,000 in the  a top prize drawing on the Lucky 7’s Playbook. She  will use her windfall for home repairs.

While it  wasn’t a top prize drawing game, Steven Corn of Columbus won the top prize in an on-line game. He  won $100,000 on the August 4, 2015 Rolling Cash game. Steve said he’s been playing for 20 years and it was his turn to win.

013Rick Sturgill of Groveport won a top prize on Big Money. Fifty thousand  dollars yearly for 20 years! He chose the cash option, a lump sum of $355,000 after  mandatory federal  and state taxes totaling 29 percent.

Ljubica Curko of Akron won $25,ooo on Diamond 7’s.

William Simpson  of Delaware said he’s never won anything before. Now this  Ohio University student can say he did! He won $722 playing KENO, and he’s ready to put his money to good use.


James Thames of Sandusky won $10,000 on Break the Bank.

Bradley Williams of Columbus and  James Clark of Galloway will split $61, 601. They played the EZPLAY Going Pro game.

Robin East Winner

Robin East of New Carlisle won $5,500  on Special Edition Cashword. East is eligible to win a top prize of $100,000.



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