Getting ready for Academic All-Stars School-of-the-Year Award

Fairport Harbor High School advisor Karen Fedlack & principal Tom Fazekas.

Fairport Harbor High School advisor Karen Bidlack & principal Tom Fazekas.

Tom Fazekas, principal of Fairport Harding High School, is proud of his students and staff.

They’re getting ready for a special celebration as the Ohio Lottery’s School-of-the-Year for the 2014/2015 academic school year on Friday.  It all began with a nomination by advisor Karen Bidlack, who made time to nominate two Fairport Harding High School students for Academic All Star awards during the 2014/2015 school year.

It’s time to celebrate Fairport Harding High School.

It’s always time to acknowledge the hard work of students and teachers in all our schools.

Have a success to celebrate?  If you’re a parent or teacher, reach out and nominate a student or teacher for an Academic All-Star award.  It’s as simple as clicking this link: to learn more and nominate a deserving student or teacher today.



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