Mortgage Payment? What Mortgage Payment?

Kristy Albert 2Normally I would wait until Winner Wednesday to tell you about a big winner, but I just couldn’t wait on this one! It’s too exciting! Plus, it’s a fun story to tell on a Monday when we all need a little pick-me-up.

Imagine you just bought a new home and you’re now looking at your monthly payment. Kristy and Walter Albert of Wellston just went through that process, and soon they’ll be kissing the monthly payment goodbye.

Kristy says Walter picked up two Big $10 Tickets from Super Quik. “He bought one for him and one for me, his was a loser mine was a winner, and a big one on top of that!” Kristy said.

She won $500,000! The first payment on their new home isn’t due until later this month, and now they’ll be paying it off in full thanks to this big win. Kristy says it couldn’t have come at a better time as they’ve struggled for the last few years. She said she wants better for her children, and this is going to help them pay off the house and invest for the future.

“We’re going to pay off the house, my son just turned 16 so we’re going to get him a car and take the kids to Disney World. We’ve already started making our plans,” she said.

Kristy says when she walked back into the store with her winning ticket the retailer was as excited as she was because this is one of the biggest winning tickets they’ve ever sold.

Congratulations Kristy and Walter! Enjoy your win, your new home and your vacation!

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