Winner Wednesday – HUMP DAY!

It doesn’t matter what we call it. For some, it’s hump day, but for us it’s Winner Wednesday! Whatever you choose to call it, it’s half way to the end of the work week and that makes everyone happy. And speaking of happy, the following lottery players reached  the top of their game after winning Lottery prizes!

9-11-15 002Kristy and Walter Albert of Wellston won $500,000 on The Big $10 ticket.  The win will make the future brighter and the family happy. They plan to pay off the mortgage of their recently purchased new home, take the kids to Disney and buy their 16-year-old a car.

Kim Rizzo-Thompson of Columbus won the top prize drawing (TPD) in the $300 Million Diamond Dazzler game. She won $2 million and chose the cash option, receiving $710,000 after mandatory  taxes.  Kim and her husband Tim were also checking out a new home. They plan on buying it now! Kenny Road Market in Columbus receives a $10,000 bonus for selling the qualifying TPD entry rizzo-thompson2

Steven Corn of Columbus will reap a harvest just in time for fall. He picked auto lotto for the August 4, 2015 Rolling Cash 5 drawing. He collects $71,000 after taxes. Steven’s played the game for 20 years and said that it was his turn to win.

Amy Palmer of Clinton won $10,000 playing Maximum Fortune. Players still have time to maximize a $10 wager. Million dollar prizes are still available in the game!

9-14-15 001

Rita White  purchased instant tickets and won some cash. She wanted to reinvest her win and buy more tickets, but the counter was busy. Instead, she bought tickets from the WinStation vending machine. It was her first time using the WinStation and it turned out to be a charm. She won $20,000 on $100 Frenzy. Rita and her husband will use some of the win to buy a unit to supplement their home heating.

Roger Wemer of Millfield  says his $10,000 win is a godsend. Wemer won his prize on $100 A Year for Life and will use the money for upcoming chemo sessions.

15-100K a Yr_Roger Wemer

Myron Cage of Cleveland had the better hand. He won $50,000 after beating the dealer’s hand nine times on the EZPLAY Black Jack.

Nam Nguyen of Akron won $10,000 on the Lucky  Playbook.

Gertman Harris of Cleveland Heights won $25,208  playing the evening Pick 5 drawing held September 8, 2015.


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