A Thrilled VIP Winner

9-16-15 001Usually we would save this story for the next Winner Wednesday blog. However, the claim came yesterday afternoon, after the Winner Wednesday blog was posted. But the story was so exciting that we couldn’t wait to tell you.

Bill Ellis was thrilled upon winning his $10,000 VIP Cash Club prize. You see Bill has a system for purchasing Lottery tickets. He purchases his tickets at Par Mar #7 in Marietta where he goes for gas. The clerks know him.  The day he bought the winning ticket a new employee didn’t recognize Bill. So, he had to go inside to pay. He noticed four tickets left on the roll. He bought them all and scratched them when he got home.  He thought he won $1,000, but he didn’t scratch the entire play area. Two days later, a family member looked at the supposed $1,000 winner. Bill actually matched more numbers — making him a $10,000 VIP Cash Club  winner! Bill had been carrying around that $10,000 winning ticket for two days.  Saying Bill is thrilled is an understatement. Now, he no longer has to avoid replacing the roof on his home. Bill can fix it.

So, what’s the lesson in this  story?   Having a system is great, but make sure you scratch the entire play area of your lottery instants!

Congrats Bill!

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