Winner Wednesday produces a great harvest of green

It’s official, says the weather calendar: Today is the first day of fall.  Green leaves will be turning red, yellow and brown, those beautiful shades of fall colors. But the following Lottery players, reaped an early harvest, and they will still be seeing green after winning!

William Wolfe of Coshocton will start his fall in brilliant colors after reaping lots of green.  Wolfe won $50K/YR for 20 years, a $1-million annuity prize on Maximum Fortune. He chose the cash option and receives $355,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes.

We know why Richard Kugler of Berea is all smiles. He  planted $10 on the 5oX the Money  instant and reaped a top $500,000 prize. He bought the ticket from Circle K in Berea.

$500,000 Winner - Richard Kugler 004

Kofi Adade of West Chester  spent $30 and came back $50,000 richer after scratching the $500 Million Spectacular instant.


Constance of Marshallville  has  the man of her dreams literally.  Her husband is always dreaming numbers;  so, she plays them. She won $25,417 in the Pick 5 after playing the numbers that came from one of his dreams.

Jamie White of Rayland won $5,500 on Special Edition Cashword. He’s looking to get a harvest after his  TPD ticket is entered into the  final top prize game for the chance to win $100,000. The drawing takes place when all Special Edition Cashword TPD tickets have been sold.

Bill Ellis of Marietta has a story worth repeating. Because he didn’t scratch the entire play area, Ellis  walked around for two days with a $10, 000 VIP Cash Club ticket that he thought was worth $1,000. Now he can make those needed house repairs that he had been avoiding.9-16-15 001






Paul Bixler of Bradford is getting an early start on the holidays. He  won $10,000 on the Big $10 ticket and said he ‘s going to pay bills and get an early start on Christmas.Paul Bixler

Jackson Garnett of West Carrollton won  $5,500 on $2 Million Cashfall. He is just excited for the TPD win, but would like to win the the game’s top prize drawing.

Jackson Garnett



Jacob Fultz of Arcanum won  $7,777 on Red Hot and Blue 7’s. He’s buying a car.Jacob and Karen FullerWinner Wednesday turned out to be quite colorful  with players winning lots of green. Imagine all of the green  you could win in tonight’s Powerball jackpot. It’s $235 million!

Congratulations to our winners!

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