Winner Wednesday – WWWD?

Playing the Ohio Lottery gives the chance to dream. Winning turns those dreams into realities. It’s Winner Wednesday here at the Ohio Lottery and it gives us a chance to showcase great winner stories. It’s the chance to ask our winners…WWWDWhat Would Winning Do?

Pick 5 Winners - J.Young- Chris Saddler 003In the case of two brothers who already own property, winning would give them a chance to buy more property.  Christopher and Jay of Garfield Heights won $25,000 each. They listened to the advice of their mom Betty Burton. She gave Jay the numbers and told him to play them in the Pick 5. Not only did he play the number, he gave it to brother Chris. He played and won too. The good sons each won $25,000 in the midday September 29, Pick 5 drawing.  They plan to do something for mom and buy more rental  property to  flip. Knowing that mom knows best,  Jay  says he’s going to ask mom for numbers for tonight’s Powerball drawing. The jackpot is $301 million.  

Michael and Linda Lerma  of North Baltimore  won $5,500, a TPD entry on Bring on the Bens. They say the $5,500 prize is a nice way to kick off retirement. They are going back on vacation, and they have the chance to win an even bigger prize, $150,000 after all TPD prizes have been claimed.LERMA

Douglas Feezle of Negley won $2 million on $2 Million Cashfall.  He bought two $20 tickets, winning $20 on one and $2 million on the other. It’s all luck he said, adding that he will keep working for three to four years and then retire. He bought the ticket from Gorby’s Grocery , 50571 Richardson Avenue in Negley. Gorby’s  Grocery receives a $10,000 agent bonus for selling a top prize-winning $2 Million Cashfall  ticket.

JW Dutcher of  Waverly won $10,000 on Gold ticket after the customer in front of him bought one. He  asked the clerk for the same thing. JW is going to buy his mom some new furniture.

9-25-15 005

Anthony Rutter of Jacksonville won $20,000 on 50X The Money and so did Karen Hardesty of Barberton.

Susan Smith is maximizing  her  $10 investment. She won $5,500, a TPD entry on Maximum Fortune. She now has a chance  to win $1 million in the final drawing.

Jessica Williams of  Macksburg won $10,000 on $500,000 Cashword.

005Christina Osborn of Newark knows the value of saying yes to the Megaplier.  She won $25,000 after she matched four numbers and said yes to the megaplier in the September 22, 2015 Mega Millions drawing. She is glad she spent that extra dollar!

Roger Collins of  Ironton  popped into the VFW club to play a couple of games and got his first Lottery win! He won $16,670 on the Keno Champ EZPlay Tap Game.  Having two children , he said  it won’t be hard to find ways to spend the money.9-25-15 001

Congratulations to all Lottery winners. Happy Winner Wednesday.

Tonight’s Powerball drawing is worth $301,000,000. WWWD for you?

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