What Would Winning Do for You?

It’s Winner Wednesday! The following players got a chance to answer or think about the question: WWWD – What Would Winning Do for you?

For a Maumee resident, winning gave him a little more to put in his nest egg. How about $250,000? Gene Smith started by spending $2 on Cash Explosion. He was trying to get on the show.  Instead, he won $5  and reinvested the money on Double Cash Doubler and won $250,000! Gene said  winning SMITH$250,000 on Double Cash Doubler was easier than trying to get on the show and win. He retired eight years ago from Chrysler Jeep, and he’ll be investing his win.

Tony Wilson of Circleville  made his ten even bigger. He spent 10 and multiplied by it by one thousand, winning $10,000 on the Big 10 Ticket. So did  Tatyana Titenok of Columbus. Congratulations!020

The holder of a June 27, 2015 one million dollar Powerball prize claimed the prize in trust.The holder of the ticket used auto lotto, purchasing the ticket from Ameristop Food Mart in Milford,Ohio. Ameristop Food Mart received a $1,000 agent selling bonus.

Randy Winton of Columbus won $25,417 playing the  midday September 28 Pick 5 game. He brought his wife and good luck charm Dae with him to claim his big win.


Sharon Land of Lorain won $20,000 on 50X The Money.

Timothy Baker of Akron got lucky and won some loot! He won $10,000 after scratching Lucky Loot.

Ruth Powell of Canton won $30,000 on the  September 16, 2015 Powerball game.


They don’t call it “Gold” for nothin! Kristy Smail of Columbus spent twenty dollars and won $10,000 on the Ohio Lottery’s instant ticket Gold.


Congratulations to all of our winners! We hope winning does something great for you!

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  1. Flo Roberts says:

    My turn next.

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