Winner Wednesday…WWWD?

011There are  many reasons to be happy about Winner Wednesday. For Tom Sullivan of Baltimore, Ohio, 97 thousand reasons so far this year. That’s how much he won in the October 6, 2015  Rolling Cash 5 game. Sullivan held one of two tickets that matched all five numbers and will collect $97,000.  He  used auto lotto, purchasing his ticket from Circle K.  At 1299 N. Memorial Drive in Lancaster, this retailer receives a $500 agent selling bonus. Acme Fresh Market sold the other five-of-five winning ticket. The holder of that ticket picked the numbers. Sullivan has a history when it comes to winning. He won $965 on the Super Lotto in 1998. He won $175,000 on the Mega Millions in  2004 and $5,000 on KICKER in 2005.

Tommy Burroughs of Toledo is excited about winning. His TPD entry of $5,500 automatically qualifies him for a chance to win $150,000 in the future top prize drawing on the  Diamond 7 game.

Twyla Pettiford of Akron won $5,200 playing the Pick 4.

Bonnie Ninham of Canton won $10,000 on Gold.

Paul Noel of Bolivar won $10,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

James Moser of Amherst won $10,000 on the Big $10 Ticket.

Edward Johnson of Lima won  $5,500 , a TPD entry on  20X The Money. The ticket automatically qualifies Johnson for a chance to win a top $100,000 prize.


Congratulations and Happy Wednesday!

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1 Response to Winner Wednesday…WWWD?

  1. Shirley says:

    2 bad South Central Ohio can’t get any of the money..Only Northern Ohio

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