Reasons to Smile… Happy Healthy Friday

smilesThese days many are into health by moving their muscles. It’s been reported that it takes 10 muscles to do a small smile and six to do a small  frown.  I don’t know about you but I would rather use ten muscles instead of six because it would be a better workout! The following winners are getting  a good workout.

IMG_0158Smiling pretty, Kelly Shupert of West Portsmouth  won $20,000 on The Big $10 Ticket. She said her luck has paid off because  she has been a loyal lottery player for years. The win will help her pay off some medical expenses. Her mom, who was with her when she claimed her prize, said she won $20,000 ten years ago.

Imagine the smile on the face of Eugene Meisler of Port Clinton.  He won $50,000 playing KENO.

Alisha Cummins of Akron  is getting her workout in as well. She won $10,000 on 10x The Money.

003Lottery retailers got their workout in too! Ken and Ankit Patel of Quick Shop Food in South Euclid were just happy to have sold a winning $25,000 Pick 5 ticket.

Pick 5 $25,000.00 Retailer

Happy Friday!

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