Monday Motivation… to find your Halloween costume!

skull-219794_1280There are pumpkins and mums on front porches all over the neighborhood. Fake spider webs are clinging to bushes and doorways all over town. And there is candy, lots of it, everywhere! What other signs do you need to know that Halloween is just days away?

Personally, I’ve always loved getting dressed up on Halloween. But I’m also a procrastinator, which means I’m usually last minute trying to figure out what I will be.

So, here’s some inspiration. A quick Google search yields the top costume choices this year, which include Star Wars characters, superheroes, pirates and Harley Quinn, who is the Joker’s sidekick from the Batman comics. Chances are you’ll see one of these costumes or more! I can attest. I saw five kids dressed as Darth Vader at a Halloween event over the weekend.

Here are a few ideas if you don’t want to find yourself as a twin at the costume party. You could wear a clear garbage bag, fill it with balloons and say you’re a bag of jelly beans. Quick and easy. I love this idea, just add a fanny pack to anything you have to instantly transform into a tourist! Black suit, sunglasses and that serious look on your face while you hold your hand to your ear turns you into a bouncer!

I hope you find some Halloween inspiration! If not, you could have some Halloween lottery fun with $2 Spooky Sevens. It’s our $2 EZPLAY game with a chance to win $17,777. Your neighborhood kids would love all the Halloween treats you could pick up with that kind of cash.

Have a great week!

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