Winner Wednesday, no tricks, lots of treats!

With  trick or treating right around the corner, these players found their  Halloween inspiration: lots of treats in the form of cash on Ohio Lottery wins!

Jan Rauch of Logan and David Reineck of Huron each won $50,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

Jarrod Blamer of  Jackson won $10,000 on the Lucky Playbook.

Thomas Kearns of Elyria got some holiday inspiration with a $20,000 win on  the $20,000 Holiday Gold instant ticket. Not a bad way to start his Christmas shopping after spending just $2 – the price of  the Holiday Gold instant ticket.

Molley Lopez of  Pemerville, Ohio  will use her inspiration to pay for two trips she plans to take  in the near future. She won $10,000 on  Double Cash Doubler.LOPEZ

Richard Sorg of Fremont, Ohio  got excited when his mother’s birthday fell in the Pick 5 game. He won $25,417. Sorg was excited about the win because her birthday numbers finally hit. He  will pay off his home and his wife’s car.

Richard Sullivan of Neelyton, Pennsylvania discovered a love for Ohio. He won $10,000 on 10 x the Money. Sullivan was on a work assignment in Malta when he bought his ticket from Peggy’s Carryout. This was his first lottery win and he’s hoping for another while he’s here.    10-27-15 003

Joseph Miller of Altoona, Pennsylvania won  $500,000.  While visiting the Ohio area for work, he decided to buy a 50 x the Money instant. He could hardly believe his eyes when it was a $500,000 to prize-winning ticket. He and his wife Ruth will pay off all of their debt. He bought the ticket from Speedway in Perrysburg. Speedway receives a $5,000 agent bonus for selling the top prize-winning ticket.MILLER

If you’re looking for Halloween inspiration, there’s still more time, and lots of Ohio Lottery tickets are available in time for the next holiday.


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