Winner Wednesday…a Cornucopia of Winners!

You’ve heard of a cornucopia or a horn of plenty. It’s a symbol of abundance. And this week’s Winner Wednesday is full of abundance… and excitement! Lottery players collected at least $6,271,000 in prizes just in time for Thanksgiving.  These players are grateful to reap a harvest after playing Ohio Lottery games.

Shelly  Mellon of  Little Hocking won $10,000 on the Big $10 Ticket. She said the win comes at the perfect time. Shelly has been working part-time ever since her long-time employer went bankrupt.  She is caring for her mom, daughter and grandson. She said she was shocked that something good finally came her way.11-20-15 003

Shelly plans to pay bills and  make Christmas a little brighter for  her family.

Walter Warner of Hartville won $15,000 on the November 19, 2015 Mega Millions game.

Ninerva Fonseca of Lorain won $10,000 on the VIP Cash Club instant.

Daniel Kinter of Ravenna found some luck with 50X the Money. He won won $20,000 playing the instant ticket.


Three players won  TPD prizes in Ohio Lottery top prize drawings. Tracy Alldafer of  Urbana won $5 million on the TPD drawing for Super Millions. He took the cash and  collects $1,775,000  after taxes.

Terri Staib of North Canton was in shock after getting the call that she won $500,000 in the TPD drawing for 50X The Money. She says she will use the $355,000 she collects after taxes for retirement for her and her husband and college tuition for her two college students. All three of her children will get $10,000 towards the purchase of new cars.

Carol Donaldson of Findlay had a hunch  she would win her $150,000  Joker’s Wild TPD prize. She changed the ring tone on her  phone to ring Hallelujah so that she would know that the Ohio Lottery was calling. Every time her cell phone rang she said “that’s them calling.” Donaldson says she is going to use her $106,500 to buy a new car, do some home repair and clear up some debt.

Augustin Triska of Cincinnati won $500,000 on the Big $10 Ticket. Triska receives $355,000 after  29 percent federal and state taxes.

John Watts of Canton won $10,000 on Lucky Playbook.

Sigelfredo Cuevas of Lorain won $25,000 on the November 20,2015  Pick 5 game.

A visit to Marc’s turned out profitable for Winifred Adkins.  Adkins of Akron won $25,000 on the  Win It All  instant ticket.

Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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