New Gem Themed Instant Tickets Really Rock

This month we have three new instant tickets that sparkle and shine with the brilliance of rare gems, and these games are sure to excite. $2 Sapphire Blue 7s, $3 Emerald Riches and $5 Ruby Red 7s will hit your local retailer on December 17th.FB_new_instants_dec_2015

New Sapphire Blue 7s gives you a chance to win up to 10 times! This vibrant blue ticket offers up a $20,000 top prize for just two dollars.

For just one more dollar you could win a lot of green on $3 Emerald Riches. With this beautiful ticket you could win up to $50,000! All you have to do is scratch and match all of the Emerald Grid numbers in a complete horizontal or vertical row.

Last but not least is the smoking hot $5 Ruby Red 7s. This game offers over 350,000 prizes of $20 or more. If that isn’t exciting enough, the top prize is $300,000! Now that is some serious bang for your buck!

You can see all of our Ohio Lottery instant games by clicking here!

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