Guysville Food Mart #261 is 12-21-2015 Retailer-f-the-Week

20151030_110822Guysville, OH– Mason County E. Corporation has 13 stores in its 198 chain of accounts.   Located mainly in the southern part of Ohio, Guysville Food Mart #261 at 19100 US RT 50 in Guysville is part of this chain.  Ruthanna Albright manages the small-town store that has a steady base of customers and long-time employees who have fostered lasting relationships. The Ohio Lottery is pleased to recognize Guysville Food Mart as this week’s Retailer-of-the-Week.

To promote Lottery, this retailer practices suggestive selling and has Lottery signs on display. They always keep Lottery bins full and offer prompt service. New games are activated upon arrival, and because the employees have been at the location for a while, they are attentive and know what games sell.

Being kind and understanding goes a long way, Albright says, adding that she’s seen how Lottery winnings have helped customers.  Sales, she said, have made customers happy because they have been able to buy cars, take vacations, pay bills and fix things that would have not been possible to fix without winning the Lottery. Guysville Food Mart carries 29 instant games with a weekly sales average of $8,831.

Each week, the Ohio Lottery recognizes one outstanding retail partner who offers courteous service and sales enthusiasm.  Retailer-of-the-Week is chosen based on recommendations from the store’s sales representative and regional sales office.  Guysville Food Mart will be recognized on Cash Explosion® on December 26, 2015.

Athens County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on their local cable stations. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 13 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Congratulations Guysville Food Mart!

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