Winner Wednesday- two days before Christmas.

  • 20151210_135816 (2)T’was two days before Christmas, Winner Wednesday was here, OLC retailers were happy and our winners full of cheer!

William Bensie of Rayland is all smiles after winning $77,777 the top prize in the Triple Black 777 game.  One of 29 entries, the top prize drawing was held November 30, 2015. He and his wife said the win came at a great time. They will share the win with their four children; buy a car, sofa, and refrigerator.

Joni Hall of North Jackson won $100,000 in the top prize drawing on the Hot $100,000 ticket held November 30, 2015.   After taxes, she nets $71,000. Hall said she is looking forward to not having a car payment; she will use her winnings to pay off her car loan.

Christy Avery of Springfield won $100,000 on the Supercash top prize drawing. One of 22 entrants, the drawing was held November 30, 2015. Avery purchased her ticket from Speedway #1260 in Springfield.  She said the win came at a good time because she had been out of work for 10 months. This was her first time winning a prize this big.

12-11-15 003There’s nothing like believing, seeing and receiving.  James McNeil of Proctorville receives $50,000 on the Wizard of Oz instant. He never buys Lottery tickets, but out of the clear blue he asked the clerk to pick out a $10 ticket assortment.  Dorothy the clerk, picked out one of her favorites, the Wizard of Oz. What a coincidence that Dorothy picked a winner! The extra cash will cover bills and their son, Jacob’s surgery. They will continue buying tickets after winning. All you have to do is believe!

James Hesse of Bethel won $164, 501 after matching all five numbers on the December 15, 2015 Rolling Cash 5 drawing.

James Montana of Norwalk won $10,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.

Robert Grimm of Minerva and David Mcie of Lodi each won $5,500 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.

Paul Cobb of Avon won $50,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

Donald Campbell of Byesville won $19,108 on Going Pro.

Angela Smith of Canton won $10,000 on 10 X The Money.

Taylor Hill of Elyria won $20,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions.

David Osborne of Dayton won $5,500 on Bingo X 10. This semi-finalist prize gives him another chance at a big win, $100,000 in the final top prize drawing. David and his fiancé are planning their wedding, so this surprise win means a lot of fun wedding planning!

David Osborne Winner

Congratulations to our winners.

 Happy Holidays!



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