Winner Wednesday… the last one for 2015

imagesIt’s Winner Wednesday and it’s the last one for 2015. So,out with the old and  start the new.
How about starting the New Year as a Powerball winner? Tonight’s the night! The Powerball jackpot is $300 Million. Winning this jackpot  would be a great way to start  2016!


Richard Woods of Cleveland Heights will start the New Year off  right. He won a second-tier Lucky for Life prize, $25,000 a year for life. The game has a cash option and he chose it.  Woods receives a lump sum  of  $276,900 after federal and states taxes totaling 29 percent. He used auto pick and purchased his ticket from True North, 2310 Lee & Essex Roads in Cleveland Heights.

Speaking of  starting the New Year with a  big bang also is Jean  Leber of  Clyde.  She won $50,000 after a family member placed the instant Lucky Playbook in her Christmas Stocking. Way to go Jean!Leber

Ann  Hale of Perrysburg stopped at a Speedway in search of a  $20 holiday ticket, but they were all out. Instead she bought the Gold  instant and struck a pot of gold at the end of the 2015 rainbow, winning $10,000.  She was also able to get tickets to view the  January 5, 2016 Cash Explosion show. Her husband loves the show, it was part of his Christmas gift.Hale

Howard Chambers of Oberlin won $5,200 on the midday December 23 ,2015 Pick 4 drawing.

Barbara McKinney of Lorain got a little something something on Christmas Day. She won $5,200 in the midday December 25, 2015 Pick 4 drawing.  OH what fun it is!

Randall Simmons of Barberton won $5,500, a tpd entry on Gold. His future is a bit brighter because his tpd entry  gives him another opportunity- to win $250,000 for 20 years in the final top prize drawing.

Linus Onyeneho of Columbus held one of three winning tickets in the Rolling Cash 5. He won $43,334 after matching all five numbers drawn in the December 21, 2015 game.

Charles Obergefell of  Sandusky won $10,000 on Ruby Red 7’s.


Congratulations and Happy New Year!


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