1st of 2016 Winner Wednesday Winners net $561,641!

images (2)It’s official, the first Winner Wednesday of 2016 and  these Lottery players have already reaped in total prizes $561,641.

Clifford Young of The Plains  won $110,000 after matching all five numbers in the December 27, 2015 Rolling Cash 5 game. He redeemed his winning ticket yesterday in the Athens’ regional office.  Young said it was a nice  discovery after checking the numbers in the Columbus Dispatch.  He retired four years ago and says the win makes a nice nest egg.

Shelia Wilson of Lyndhurst won $100,000 playing Powerball, matching four numbers and the Powerball number on December 16, 2015.

Michael Orlando of Beachwood won $50,000 playing Powerball, matching three numbers and the Powerball number on January 2, 2016.

Jennifer Elmore of Thompson, Ohio  won $50,000 on the December  30, 2015 Powerball game.

Lawrence Brown of Cleveland Heights won  $50,000 on the Wizard of Oz instant.

Khalid Harrison of Euclid won $30,000 on Cashword.

Jimmie Lutle of Twinsburg won $25,000 on the December  29, 2015 midday Pick 5.

Douglas Bell of Sheffield Lake  won $25,834 on the December 7, 2015 evening Pick 5.

Marlena Pate of Mentor won $23,522 on the  EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.

Roy Gies of Cleveland won $10,000 on Gold.

Craig Ringo of Bedford Heights won $10,000 on Platinum Millions.

Colleen Reusser of Brookpark won $20,000 on The Big  $10 Ticket instant.

Erma Clemons of Cleveland won $20,000 on Holiday Gold.

Dominic Diemert of Richmond Heights  and Robert Baitt of Mayfield Heights will split a $10,000 Double Doubler prize.

Michael Gerken of Lorain won $10,000 on $100K A Year for Life.

John Chop of Chardon won $5,285 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.

Tony Bring of Collins, Ohio and Teddy Hancock of Lorain each won $5,500 on Holiday Lucky Times 10. Both are qualified for the game’s $250,000 top prize drawing.

Jeffrey Anderson of Greentown won $1,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.


Get in on 2016 winning, play Ohio Lottery games. Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is  worth $500 million.







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