Winner Wednesday, a great day for winning!

shutterstock_91436471It’s a great day for winning. Tonight’s current Powerball jackpot is the biggest lottery prize ever offered in the world. That’s historical!

Some lucky players already have ‘a  story’ to tell. For instance, Victoria Shoopman of Goshen won $1 million in the January 9, 2016 Powerball game after she matched all five numbers and no Powerball number. At the time of her win, the jackpot had already reached an all-time high. Shoopman says she is going to become a new homeowner and share her win with the family. Her daughter Stacey picked the numbers, purchasing the second-tier winner from Smokes & Things. Stacey gets a little something-something extra, says Victoria, since she’s her mom’s lucky charm. Shoopman says she is playing again tonight, but hopes someone wins tonight. Maybe it will be her since Stacey is picking the numbers, of course.

Frank Johnson of Cincinnati said he was blessed to win $100,000 after playing  his numbers for 20 years. Johnson had four numbers and the Powerball number, and said “yes” to Power Play. He won $50,000, and the Power Play number 2 doubled his prize. Johnson said he knows where his blessing come from and he plans on spreading the wealth by blessing someone else. He’s also playing his numbers again tonight.

Herbert Smith of Cincinnati won $100,000 on 20x The Money after easing down the road. Smith went to a store, but the line was too long so he ventured a little further down the road to Evanston Marathon, where he asked for the ticket that was in the number 23 bin. Originally, he thought he won $10, but after checking he realized that he won a top prize. He said that this couldn’t be right because he had never won a prize this big. He is calling his win a blessing because of the circumstances surrounding  how he won.

David Hall of Middleport won $50,000 on Holiday Bingo. The ticket was a gift.  Accompanied by Kelly, they say the win was a shock and a godsend. They have 5 small children and say they have many needs. 1-11-16 004

Terry Plue of  Berlin Heights won $11,272 on the EZPLAY Rock’n 777.

Katelynn Kurtz of Lorain won $50,000 on the January 9, 2015 Powerball drawing.

John Bott of Grafton won $10,000 on $500,000,000 Spectacular.

Carla Bartlebaugh of Wakeman won $5,500 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.  She has an opportunity to win another prize — $250,000 in the game’s top prize drawing.

Heather Lewis of Barberton won $100,000 on the January 6, 2016 Rolling Cash 5 game.

2015rc5 Heather lewis

Cassandra and Adam Madaras of Gibsonburg  won $20,000 on Holiday Gold.


Melanie Spaugy of Wadsworth won $30,000 on  Alpha.


Want to make history? Today is a great day  for it. The Powerball jackpot is $1.5 Billion! Congratulations to these winners.

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