Prize Packed Instant Tickets Hit the Shelves this Week

Thursday four fabulous instant tickets hit your Ohio Lottery retailer’s shelves. There are so many prizes available you don’t want to miss out. We have a little something for everybody. From $1 to $20 each of these games are loaded with prizes.

onsale_January_2016St. Patrick’s day will be here before you know it, so why not try your luck now with the $1 Luck of the Irish ticket? You could win up to $5,000! Or you could play $2 Cash Blast and win up to ten times with a top prize of $20,000!

The $5 Cash Extravaganza ticket offers over $6.5 million in prizes from $50 to $10,000. This ticket has a top prize of $250,000! For only five dollars you can’t beat those prizes!

Last but not least, we’re bringing back a fan favorite. That’s right, $20 $300 Million Diamond Dazzler has returned to make someone a millionaire! This is one prize packed ticket, with over 900,000 prizes from $100 to $500 and 10,000 prizes from $1,000 to $20,000! Not to mention the $2 million top prize!

These games are going to make a lot of lucky people happy. Don’t miss your chance to be one of them!

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