Thankful Thursday, with a bonus!

It’s Thursday and  of course we are thankful. Because the bonus is, it’s one day away from Friday. The following players are more thankful, they got bonuses after playing Ohio Lottery games.

Jeff Bealer of Eastlake won $20,000 on the Big $10 ticket.

Harold Arandt of Medina won $50,000 on Ruby Red 7’s.

James Ponder is still thinking about the $20,000 he won on Sapphire Blue 7s.

James Ponder

Karen Bishop of Cincinnati won $20,000 on Maximum Fortune.

Karen Bishop

Alvin and Valerie Ross of Cincinnati won $250,000/year for  20 years on Mega Fortune. A $5 million prize, they took the cash and receive a lump sum of $1,775,000 after taxes.

William Cashen of Genoa won $250,000 on Lucky Times 10.

Richard Sparks of Cleveland won $270,000 in the Jan 14, 2016 Rolling Cash 5 drawing.

James Blancett, James Burt, George  Tolbert, and Burdette Parry of Cambridge and Donald Campbell of Byesville will split $41,428 on the Going Pro  ticket that they  purchased at  the VFW Post 2901  where they are members.


Wileen Morrison won $50,000 on the January 9, 2016 Powerball drawing.

Karlee Mahaney won $50,000 on  the January 11, 2016 Powerball drawing.

Jaymish Patel of the Convenient Food Mart  in Maple Heights sold a $150,000 Powerball ticket.$150,000 PB Winner 027168 CFM

Sylvia Grimes of Akron won $25,834 on the  January 25, 2016 evening Pick 5.


Kathleen Dane of Amherst won $51,668 on the Jauary 18, 2016 midday Pick 5.

Charlie Burt of Sheffield Village won $25,000 on the January 17, 2016 evening Pick 5.

Eunice Burt of Lorain won $25,000 on the January 17, 2016 evening Pick 5.

Thomas Martin  of Wheelersburg won $20,000 on  50x The Money.

1-14-16 003

Frank and Dorothy Czekaj of Toledo are top prize winners of the 100 X The Money game. They won  $2,000,000  in the drawing that was held  January 12, 2016.  They plan to save for their grandchildren’s college expenses.IMG_1774

Daniel Keller of Cincinnati won $500,000 in the Season’s Greetings’s Top Prize drawing held  January 12, 2016. He plans to pay off his dad’s mortgage.

Nine players won $10,000 or more playing Ohio Lottery games.  Robert  Waggoner of Canton, $10,494 on  EZPLAY Going Pro. Barry Amick of Elyria won $10,000 on Gold. Scottie Ashcraft won $10,000 on 20x The Money.  Dorothy Oxley of Bellaire  won $10,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10. Edna Adcox of Ashland won $10,000 on Break the Bank. Charlotte Tuttle of New Washington won $10,000  on Merry Money. Kenneth Mccall of  Norton won $10,025 on KENO. Katie Keating won $10,000 on Platinum Millions. Carmen Hansford of Westlake won $10,000 on Double Doubler.

1-19-16 003

Dennis Kish of Glouster won $5,000 on Break the Bank.

John Witt of Oregon, Ohio won $25,000 on Cashword.WHITT 001


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