Winner Wednesday

I always associate the month of February with love and the color red because of Valentine’s Day. This first Winner Wednesday in February and because Lottery players love to win: green is the new red.

2-1-16 002Michael Brisker of Jackson “loves” the new Break the Bank instant. He has purchased at least ten of these tickets, half of them were winners. He won a $50,000 prize, saying the win is life changing. He is going to pay off his mortgage and redo his 8th grade daughter’s bedroom.
16 break BK_Pete Anderko

Peter Anderko of  North Royalton is all smiles. He was also able to break the bank and won $50,000 instantly on Break the Bank.

Mark Vanderpool of Norwalk won $32,970 on the EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.

Carolyn Morehead of Magadore won $20,000 on Maximum Fortune.

Kaylee Vermillion  of Union Furnace won on Holiday Bingo. Headed on vacation, she  decided to  purchase an instant  at the Columbus airport. She carried the ticket all the while she was on vacation. When she got back she discovered that she had won $50,000. What  a way to end a vacation, a little bit relaxed and with money to go with it. She plans on buying a new car and saving  the rest.1-2-16 003

James Domoslay of Cambridge won $5,500 on Platinum Millions. His prize automatically  qualifies  him to win $5,000,000 in the final top prize drawing.

002Justin Reisinger of Washington Court House won $10,000 on $100,000 A Year for Life.


SavannaSavanna M018 Mitchell of Zanesville is the top prize winner of $250,000 on the Holiday Lucky X 10 game.  She will share with her mom and  use the rest to pay off bills and buy a car.

Rita Williams of  Cincinnati won $200,000 in the final top prize drawing of Winter Winnings. The win came at a great time she said. She has twin sons who just graduated from college. She will  be able to pay off their loans and her mortgage too.

Brandon Larrick of Cambridge won $50,000 on the Powerball game.

And Mitchell Brown won $20,000 playing KENO.


Congratulations to all of these winners!


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