Winner Wednesday is fat after Tuesday!

Yesterday may have been a celebration of Fat Tuesday, but today is Winner Wednesday in Ohio and these players are celebrating winning green! 

Break The Bank $500,000 Winner 005Jennifer and Tim Frazier of Mansfield won $500,000 when she scratched Break the Bank. It all started because of movie night. They were looking to buy a movie, but Jennifer decided to buy a Break the Bank instant because she had seen the ads for it. She bought two tickets. Jennifer said after scratching she had to do a double take.  Winning a top prize of $500,000 is so unbelievable, she said.  After taxes, the Fraziers net $355,000. They are planning on getting a bigger house. Drug Mart receives a $5,000 bonus for selling a top prize Break the Bank.

$250,000 Winner N. Dulach 003Nicholas Dulach of Brook Park  won $250,000, a top prize on Cash Extravaganza. Nick went to get a Red Bull from Smith & Snow Shell, and he decided to buy the ticket that was in the B box. He chose B for Braylan, his son. That ticket,  Cash Extravaganza, was a top prize winner. Now Nicholas Jr, Mason, Maximus and Braylan will enjoy a trip with dad to Florida. Nick said he will invest the rest of the win. After taxes Nick nets $177,500. Smith & Snow Shell gets a $2,500 agent sales bonus for selling a top prize-winning Cash Extravaganza. His grandma, Marion  shared  in the fun of claiming the prize.

Talk about having a great weekend! Last weekend was a great one for Tammy Rieger and Maureen Bair of Stow. They were out to dinner on Wednesday when they decided to buy a Powerball  ticket where they usually play KENO at the On Tap Grille and Bar in Stow. On Friday they discovered they had a $50,000  Powerball winner.  Rini says it’s so exciting and Tammy says she’s still having a hard time believing it.  Tammy says she’s going to put a roof on her house and Rini says she’s going to visit her children who live out-of-state.003

Paul Welsh of North Ridgeville won $36,704 on the EZPLAY Going Pro game.

John Lacey of Lorain won $25,417 on the Friday evening Pick 5 game.

Jerome Andrews of Cincinnati won $100,000 on the February 5 Rolling Cash 5 game. Andrews said that he plays the Rolling Cash 5 using auto pick and when the numbers don’t come out he plays those same tickets for a couple of days. This replayed  ticket made him a  top prize winner a few days later. Andrews  purchased the ticket from Speedway. Speedway receives a $500 bonus for  selling the ticket. Andrews said,”Who wouldn’t be happy with the win?!” He is going to pay bills.

Bradley Glick of Columbus won $500,000 on Cashword.  He  receives $355,000 after federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent.

Matilda Cacic of Quaker City won $7,900 on the Pick 4.

Andrew Endrai of Lorain won $50,013 on the February 3, 2015 Rolling Cash 5 game.


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