Winner Wednesday, no fish stories!

Wednesday winners have some great stories to tell!

Earl Tracy Rolling Cash 5 Winner 009Even if you’re going on vacation, don’t forget to play your numbers like Earl Tracy of Warren. He won $120,000 on the February 29, 2016 Rolling Cash 5 game. Earl plays his sons birthdays, and he’s been playing them for three years. He was on his way to Florida to see his new grandson but before he left he placed his bets using  the advance bet feature. When he came back he was a winner! He bought his ticket from Buckeye Vienna Beverage. Located at 301 Vienna Avenue in Niles the  store received a $500 agent  bonus for selling a winning ticket. Pictured here from left to right are Carmen LaMonica,  John Ragan(owner) and Dylan Rose  of Buckeye Vienna Beverage.  

Buckeye Vienna Beverage Sold RC5 Winner 120K

Rita Nerone of Conneaut had been delivering news for ten years working for the Star Beacon,  but when she bought a $250K for Life instant, she received some good news of her own. She won the top prize, $250 K for life. She chose the cash option and receives $1,775,000 in a lump sum. Rita said she thought she would win something so she bought tickets in six different places. She is going to buy a truck, and two cars. She purchased the winning ticket from Broad Street Mini Mart in Conneaut.  Broad Street Mini Mart receives a $5,000 agent bonus for selling at top prize winner.

Barbara  Bookless of Zanesville changed her life when she used the change from a Rite Aid purchase to buy an Ohio Lottery instant. Bookless  only buys Cashword instants. She bought a Special  Edition Cashword  and won a $100,000 top prize. She had to keep looking at the ticket because she’s never won anything this big before.  Saying the win came at a great time, she will use the windfall for medial bills. Her husband Grover is recovering from a hospital  stay.  Rite Aid at 825 Main Street in Zanesville  receives a $1,000 agent bonus for selling a top prize-winning ticket.


Vickie Crenshaw won $25,000 playing the Pick 5.

Jennie Canter of Syracuse won $10,000 scratching $300 Million Diamond Dazzler.

002Walter Harris of Elyria won $5,500, a TPD entry on 50 X The Money. He has a chance to win $500,000 in the game’s final drawing.

Nicholas Amador of Amherst won $1,000 on Platinum Millions.

Malvina Marcinko of Upper Plains won $10,000 on Break the Bank.

Paulette Liss of Westlake won $10,000 on The Big $10 Ticket.

Kim Gomez of Sandusky won $15,368 on the Perfect Game 300.



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