Mansfield Man gets $5 Million Win

Ricky RhineboltWe love meeting fun families! Today Ricky Rhinebolt brought his wife, son and mother-in-law along to claim his $5 million Mega Millions prize. He definitely needed to bring his wife, because after two years playing the same number combo he was about to change it up. She told him not to. “I just had a feeling those numbers were coming,” Peggy said, and she was right. Those numbers came in on March 8, 2016!

Ricky added Megaplier and matched five numbers without the Mega Ball to win $5 million in the Mega Millions drawing held March 8. The winning numbers were 27-37-54-66-69, Mega Ball 5. He didn’t know he was a winner until he went back to the Marathon where he bought the ticket.

“Everyone in the store was talking about it because they knew the store had sold a winner. They were all saying I wonder who it is? I scanned my ticket and thought, that can’t be right so I scanned it again. It said $5 million winner,” Ricky said.

He waited until the line died down and quietly told the owner he had the winning ticket. “He came around the counter and gave me a hug,” Ricky said. When he walked out to the car and told Peggy she didn’t believe him.

“He’s always saying I won, and then he waits and says $12, so I thought he was joking,” she said.

Ricky hasn’t thought about what he’ll do with his winnings. Pay off bills first, then maybe buy a new home. He’s not in a hurry to spend it, but he was in a hurry to get home and rest before he has to be at work. “We’re going to keep working. This is our play money,” Peggy said.

After mandatory state and federal taxes, Ricky will receive $3.55 million. Marathon, at 495 Woodville Road in Mansfield, receives a $1,000 selling bonus for selling the $5 million winning ticket.

Congratulations, Ricky! Enjoy your big win!


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