Winner Wednesday!

Wednesdays are good for many reasons! We’re  half way through the work week, and tonight’s Ohio Lottery drawings  provide several opportunities to win big jackpots: the Rolling Cash 5  jackpot is $312,000, Classic Lotto is $4.2 million, the  Kicker is $100,000 and the Mega Millions jackpot is $25 million. It’s all good and the following winners would agree after playing Ohio Lottery games.

005Brother and sister team Joseph King and Anita Wolshire of Lancaster won $100,000 on the March 2 Classic Lotto drawing. They bought the ticket from Ameristop Food Mart. The siblings will split their win right down the middle.

Charles Hughes of Cincinnati won $1,000,000 on the March 4, Mega Millions.

Jack Krager of Atwater won $50 A day for Life on that instant.


Christine Scott of Fremont won $50,000 on Break the Bank. She was stunned and said she didn’t realize she could win that much on an instant ticket. Congratulations, Christine!

Christine S

Ricky RhineboltRicky Rhinebolt of Mansfield picked up the biggest prize of the week when he claimed his $5,000,000 prize from the March 8 Mega Millions drawing. Ricky had been playing an old auto-pick number and was about to change it up. His wife told him to keep on playing that number, and her hunch that he would win was right. He matched five and added the Megaplier for a $5,000,000 win! He said he has no immediate plans for the money, but paying off bills and possibly buying a new home are on the list.

001Victoria  Stillion of Cambridge won $48,749 on Keno.

Jennifer Weott of Toledo  and Roger Perrigan of Lorain each won $5,500 and a TPD entry  in the  $10,000 A Year for Life game. Mary Swanson of Navarre won $5,500 and a TPD entry in the Cash Extravaganza game.


Jennifer W.

Patrick Muller of Long Bottom  won $50,000 in the March 9  Powerball drawing.

Rodney Bilicic of Geneva won $10,000 on Ken0.

Congratulations to all of our big winners! You could be the next winner featured on Winner Wednesday!

Rodney Bilicic Photo 001

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