Partners in Education March Notables

Partners in Education would like to present the Academic All-Stars and Teachers of the Month winners for the month of March. Last month’s honorees included six outstanding students and five amazing teachers.

Our first winner is Mason Randle, a student at Pinnacle Academy in Cuyahoga County. Mason is described as a “respectable scholar” and a wonderful role model who is willing to help in the classroom whenever he is needed. He is a wonderful asset to his school and community.


Emmie Bohse

Emmie Bohse is a student at Milton-Union Middle School, in Miami County. “Emmie is a dedicated student who wants to do her best and help those around her do their best, too.   She works through confusion and doesn’t give up,” says Kim Gainey, a teacher at the school.


Halycon Smith is  a student at Paulding Elementary, in Paulding County. She takes the initiative and comes in before or after school to get extra help or to get caught up on her work.  She has a great work ethic and a positive attitude.


Sierra Smith


Sean Goodall is a student at Teays Valley West Middle School. He participates in class and asks higher level thinking questions.  Sean is an all-around great kid,” says Lisa Johnson, a teacher at the school.

Sierra Smith a student at Norwayne  Elementary School in Wayne County, is outgoing and cheerful.  She has worked hard to improve her grades throughout the school year.  Her attendance is excellent and she comes prepared with her weekly homework reading logs,” says Whitney Imhoff, a reading specialist at the school.

Sarah Loomis is a senior at Malvern High School in Carroll County. Loomis is a basketball player and National Honor Society President. She is competitive and humble at the same time, and works hard both on the court and inside the classroom.

Five incredible teachers were winners for the month of March.  First we have Joann Saunders a teacher at Pinnacle Academy. Saunders is said to go “above and beyond” for her students. She is a true team player who collaborates with staff members on a regular basis.

Mark Stuch is a K-5 teacher at Paulding Elementary. Stuch volunteers to help students after school, and he is kind and caring to his students.  With over 25 years of experience, his students respect him and enjoy the activities that he plans.

Jo Bey is a teacher at St. Patrick School in Miami County. She teaches fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at the school. According to her nominator, Bey is a selfless teacher who is not afraid to jump in and help with so many extra things.  She pushes her students to try their very best; through her experience with students it is evident that she views teaching as a “vocation” as opposed to a job.


Rachel Houser

Rachel Houser is a teacher at Teays Valley West Middle School in Pickaway County. “Mrs. Houser is an amazing teacher.  She displays humor, kindness, and fun to her students.  She commands respect from her students but also makes learning a joy,” says Assistant Principal Allison Swanger.

Tricia Taggart is a fine/visual arts teacher at Wooster High School in Wayne County.  For nearly 20 years, Mrs. Taggart has been a dedicated teacher/mentor and advisor.  She dedicates many after school hours to various clubs as an advisor. She is described as an “amazing educator” who is respected by not only her students but the staff.

It is always a joy to recognize some of the many shining stars that teach and learn in Ohio schools. If you know an outstanding teacher or student, nominate them by clicking here. All nominations are due by 5:00 pm on the 10th of every month.


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