Winner Wednesday is here!

Winner Wednesday is today! Have you purchased any of the  67 instant games that are available at  Ohio Lottery retailers throughout the state? How about any of the  on-line games like EZPlay games or KENO? Are you a fan of the draw games Classic Lotto, Rolling Cash 5, Poweraball, KICKER, Pick 3, 4 or 5? With so many choices today could be your Winner Wednesday. These players chose wisely and already won.

Jolene  Hasty of Toledo won $25,000 on Cashword. Purchasing her ticket from In & Out  #53, she said the win comes at a great time. She’s using her money to pay off bills.


Thomas Reehl of Massillon won $274,001 after matching all five numbers in the Rolling Cash 5 game. He used auto pick, purchasing his ticket from Bellstore, 450 Canal St.SE in Bolivar.  Bellstore receives a $500 retailer selling bonus.

Fadel Samdd of Boardman says he’s crazy about EZPlay games and he plays them all. Playing has paid off for him to the tune of $121,147 after playing the EZPLAY Quickspot on April 12. He said he will use the win for medical bills for his wife.

Heather Gossett of Wellington won $20,000 on 50x the Money.

Ryan Ross of Crown City won $50,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions.

Robert Howard of Cincinnati won $50,000 playing Pick 5.

Ursula Tatem of North Ridgeville won $20,000 on 50x The Money.

Diette Johns of Barberton won $20,000 scratching Sapphire Blue 7’s.

Michael Myers of Huron won $5,541 on EZPlay Quickspot.

Marilyn Antil  of Cortland won $10,000 on Bingo X 10.

Delores Wolbert of North Canton won $5,200 on Pick 4.

Terry Sohrenssen of Middletown won $55,001 on the April 16, 2016 Rolling Cash 5. Holding one of the two winning tickets sold in the games she picked the numbers when she played at P & G Food Mart in Middletown. P&G at 2086 Cincinnati Dayton Road  receives a $500 bonus  for selling one of two winning tickets sold in this drawing.

Akram  Houssain of Chillicothe won $10,000 on 20 X the Money.

James Kopp of Avon won $5,500 a TPD entry on Ruby Red 7’s. He automatically qualifies for a chance to win the top $300,000 prize in this game.

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is $227 million. Pick up a ticket and maybe tonight will be your Winner Wednesday!



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