MyLotto Rewards can take you there!

107Michael Susor loves professional football. So when this Cleveland Browns fan found out MyLotto Rewards was giving away a 3-day, 2-night trip to Chicago for the football draft, he was all in.

“I saw the trip for two for the draft and I put some of my entries in towards that. ” Michael said. “It’s one of the things I wanted, it was a bucket list thing for me. Not many people get to say they went to the NFL draft.”

MyLotto Rewards helped Michael check the draft off his bucket list when he was drawn as the winner of the Draft Experience prize! He and a friend spent three days in the Windy City and got to participate in all of the excitement of the draft.

025“It was amazing! We flew in and right off the bat we dropped off our bags and went to draft town and started walking around. We realized right away that we needed to get back to hotel and get our Browns gear. It was great to see so many Browns fans,” Michael said.

065Michael spent time in the same room as the football teams making their picks. He watched along with other fans as team after team picked up the phone to make the call to their newest player.  Michael said Draft Town was full of football fans, and many of them were sporting Browns gear. This was his first time visiting Chicago, so on the advice of his buddy Ralph he tried a Chicago deep dish pizza and… “It was amazing!”

He wasn’t only impressed with the pizza. Michael thought the Browns selections were pretty great too.

We don’t know what the Browns season will bring, but Michael is hoping he’ll get to a game or too… maybe with the help of MyLotto Rewards.

“I still have entries in for the Browns season tickets, but right now I’d rather win Wednesday night’s Powerball!”  Fingers crossed, Michael!031

Ever wonder what you could win by entering your non-winning tickets at MyLotto Rewards?  From gift cards to concerts professional sports experiences, MyLotto Rewards has it all!  Click here to learn more about the MyLotto Rewards program and to sign up for your own account.




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