Recognizing April All Stars

Partners in Education is excited to present April’s Teachers of the Month and Academic All Stars. Each month the best and the brightest in each region are nominated for this award and one winner is chosen. Here they are.

Our first all star is Makayla Williams, a fourth grade student at Pinnacle Academy in Cuyahoga County.  “She is a strong leader and a role model for her peers. Makayla strives for academic excellence and has shown amazing growth this year,” said Heather Kurtz, teacher.

Juan Maldonado is a student at Paulding Elementary in Paulding County. “Juan is a good worker.  His homeroom teacher has seen a lot of improvement in his daily work. He is taking pride especially in his spelling,” said teacher Jan Ouellette.

Carley Shea.jpg

Carley Shea

Academic All Star Carley Shea is a student at Madeira High School in Hamilton County. She is a member of the basketball, softball, and soccer teams, a Key Club member and president of Students Unified for Uganda. Shea is described as a “multifaceted young lady”. She is truly a team player on and off the court.

Katelyn Lanning is an eighth grade student at Teays Valley West Middle School in Pickaway County. Lanning is described as a hard worker who stays on task and completes her work in a timely fashion.  She is always willing to help other students and assist her peers whenever she is needed.

All star Frank Corrao is a third grader at Cardinal Intermediate School in Geauga County.

“Frank strives to achieve and learn as much in a day as he can.  He is always on task, works hard and is determined to meet goals set for him.  He currently has a 3.75 GPA.  Frank is very responsible with his work and submits assignments by their due dates,” says Melissa Cardinal, a teacher at the school.

April’s first Teacher of the Month is Michael Kurtz. Kurtz is a fifth grade science teacher at Pinnacle Academy in Cuyahoga County. He is described as a knowledgeable, hard worker who encourages students to try their best.  He takes the time to help struggling students with math and reading.  He is willing to help his fellow teachers with their plans and the scope and sequence of those lesson plans.

Bethany Smith is a kindergarten teacher at Paulding Elementary in Paulding County.
Smith is an enthusiastic teacher who makes learning both fun and exciting for students.  She volunteers her time to help with various activities at the school and she works hard to make an impact on her students.

Amy Merz teaches fourth grade math/science, at Sayler Park School located in Hamilton County.  Regina Hensley, a secretary at the school, says that Merz is an excellent teacher.  Her students adore her and she is wonderful at explaining lessons in a manner and pace that students can “more readily absorb.”  She helped the school obtain a grant that funded a school garden and teaches the students to plant seeds and nurture them just as she nurtures each student.

Karen Schutte is a teacher at Hamilton Elementary School located in Franklin County. A fellow staff member describes Schutte as a dedicated teacher who makes certain that her students have a “well-rounded” education. Schutte coordinates field trips at the school and helps to strengthen the school community by engaging students in fun and educational experiences.

Beth Davis is a theology teacher  for students in grades sixth through eighth, at Holy Trinity School, in Lorain County. “Mrs. Davis is not only involved in the classroom, but has also taken on after school activities as well as leadership opportunities inside the building,” says Principal Modzeleski. “ In the classroom she continues to invent new ways to assess her children,” says Principal Modzeleski.

Congratulations to all of the April nominees and winners! If you know an outstanding teacher or student, nominate them by clicking here. All nominations are due by 5:00 pm on the 10th of every month.

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