Winner Wednesday, time to celebrate!

Winner Wednesday is here and these lottery players are celebrating winning.

16 Money MultiplierTPD steph thomas.jpgTwenty-one-year-old Stephanie Thomas of Columbus won the Money Multiplier Top Prize Drawing held April 13. Thomas says she will buy a new home with her $150,000 prize. One of 15 semi-finalists, she purchased her qualifying ticket from The Kroger Company in Gahanna. Kroger’s receives a $1,500 bonus for selling the qualifying winning top prize entry ticket.

'16 Monoplou Millions_Michael Carpenter.jpgMichael Browning of Columbus won $250,000 on the Monopoly Millionaires’ Club. He’s taking a vacation, paying off some bills and giving his children some money. White Hall Shell receives a $2,500 bonus for selling top  prize-winning ticket.

Erin Sipe of Kent won $65,188 on the  EZPLAY Going Pro game. 001

Tim Topp of McClure won $152,000 on the April 22 Rolling Cash 5 game. Corner Carryout in Tontogany receives a $500 agent bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Michael and Carol Carpenter of Lodi won $20,000 scratching Monopoly Millionaires’ Club. 

'16-5-2 retailer Rc5_Morgan oil.jpgMartha Stevenson of Cincinnati won  $100,000 after matching  four numbers in the Powerball drawing. She said yes to the multiplier and  doubled her $50,000 prize.

Scott Blair of Huron won $15,000 on the $250,000 a Year for Life instant game.

Trish Rohman and Karen Nagle, clerks at Morgan Oil in Struthers, sold a $120,000 Rolling Cash 5 winner on May 2. The business received a $500 bonus for selling a five-of-five winning ticket.

Joseph Howard of Southshore, Kentucky won $20,000 on Monopoly Millionaire.  He  will pay off a vehicle and buy gifts for his granddaughter.

5-9-16 003Madhukar Shah of Alliance won  $120,000 on the April 2, Rolling Cash 5. He  purchased the winning ticket using auto pick from Giant Eagle on West State Street in Alliance. The retailer receives a $500 agent bonus for selling a winning ticket.

Kevin Wren of Buckeye Lake, Ohio won $30,000 on EZPLAY Prefect Game 300.

16-5-5 Perfect gm_Kevin Wren.jpgThomas Cox of Pedro  won $12,000 on the EZ Tap game. He will give half of his winnings to his wife and use the  remainder to do some household repairs.

5-10-16 001

John Corbett of Columbus won $10,000 on Lucky Loot.

Sherri Wells of Alliance won $10,000 on Double Cash Doubler.

Lisa Uyttenhove of Toledo won $10,000 on Easy Money.

Dorothy Grega of North Ridgeville won $20,400 playing Pick 4.

Helen Dubetz of Barberton won $41,299 on EZPLAY Going Pro.

Congratulations winners! 

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