I want to be the battleship!

Our players are having so much fun with the new Monopoly Millionaires’ Club instants that it got me thinking about the classic Monopoly board game. Imagine really walking your way across the squares, passing “GO” and collecting $200… if only life worked that way, right?!

I’m sure you played the board game, at least once. I remember playing for hours. The board, paper money and game pieces set nicely on a coffee table while all of us gathered around trying to gobble up as much property as we could. We had some marathon games, but never a record. The longest Monopoly game on record was 70 straight days!MMC-Digital Image 2_April 2016

And even though everyone thinks that you have to get Boardwalk and Park Place to win big, I always liked the railroads and the lower end properties piled high with hotels. Did you know that in the classic Monopoly game, Illinois Avenue, “GO” and B&O Railroad are the most landed-on properties? I see now that as a 10-year-old I was on to something!

The first order of business was always picking your game piece, and over the years the pieces have changed. The games creator used charms from his niece’s charm bracelet for the original pieces. Since then, some have come and gone and new ones added. From the iron, now retired, to the newest game piece, a cat, there have been plenty. The top hat and the battleship still remain favorites.

You don’t have to play the classic Monopoly anymore, either. There are 300 licensed versions of the game from movie-themed Monopoly to a version just for kids.

You can play anytime, board or no board, with our Monopoly Millionaires’ Club instant tickets! Click here to enter your non-winning Monopoly Millionaires’ Club instants for a second-chance trip to Las Vegas!


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