Digging into those old Lottery files

For the month of May the Ohio Lottery takes a look back and digs into some of those old lottery files. Do you remember any of these lottery milestones?

On May 3, 1992 the Ohio Lottery began selling Buckeye 5, an active game. An active game is a game where the player chooses a number or a set of numbers, attempting to match the numbers that are later drawn in that game.  Buckeye 5 was a replacement for Cards.

Cards was an active on-line game allowing  players to select one card from each suit and try to match those cards  selected during the nightly drawing. Players matching all four  suits won $1,000, match three won $100 and two matches won $10.   Buckeye 5 numbers ranged from one to 37. With the new replacement game Buckeye 5, players won a top prize of $100,000 as long as there were ten winning 5/5 tickets. If there were 11 winners or more, each winner received an equal share of the maximum $1 million jackpot cap.

Rolling Cash 5 replaced the Buckeye 5 game on October 2, 2004 with jackpots starting at $100,000.

And as long as we are digging in the old May files…. On May 15, 2002, Ohio began selling Mega Millions, joining eight other states:  New York, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia.

On May 16,2008, a $196 million Mega Millions ticket was drawn in Ohio. The Anthony Trust claimed the ticket on behalf of the winner. Located in Amelia, Ohio, Main Street Wine & Spirits sold that winning ticket.

On May 1, 2009, Shawnee Lanes sold one of three winning tickets in a $225 million Mega Millions jackpot.

On May 11, 2013 George Kozak of North Olmsted donated his collection of more than 7,000 Ohio Lottery tickets and was honored at Ohio Lottery headquarters. His collection shows the history of Ohio Lottery  games and is on display in the Lottery’s reception area.

In May 2014, the Ohio Lottery launched a mobile app allowing customers to scan their tickets, check for winning numbers and watch KENO drawings on demand. Now the app allows customers to scan and enter non-winning tickets into their MyLotto Rewards accounts.

In May 2015, the Ohio Lottery  website e-application allows for  online signatures for retailers  who want to become an Ohio Lottery agent.





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