Big Wins for Winner Wednesday

Whether you’re cheering on the Reds or the Indians or hoping for a Cavaliers win tonight, everyone is happier with a win. The following Ohio lottery players know the feeling because they already got to take home the win!

003Maria Gibson of Canton won $25,417 on the Pick 5 game. She picked up her winning ticket at Spee D Foods in Akron.

Joseph Smith of Norwalk won $50,000 in the  January 9, 2016 Powerball game.

Bruce Steenrod of  Athens  loves golfing. He hit a hole in one with a $12,146 win on EZPLAY Going Pro. After filing a claim in the Athens’ regional office, Bruce went for a second win. He headed out to the golf course in hopes of winning again.


Jody Graber of Marion is officially in the club. He won $10,000 on the Monopoly Millionaire’s Club instant ticket.


Uday Patel of Lorain won $25,000 on Diamond 7.

Timothy Shepard of Wakeman won $10,000 on Underground Blast.

Daniel Carter of Akron won $25,417 on the Pick 5. He bought his winning ticket at IGA in Ellet.001
Donald Laskowski of Oak Harbor won $10,000 on Bingo Times 10. He’s accustomed to winning. He was on the Lottery’s Make Me Famous Make Me Rich show in 1999. He says he’s ready to buy a new Harley thanks to his big win.


You could be  on the winning team too. Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is worth $80 Million.

Congratulations Winners!






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